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Blipbr App quick FAQ's.

What is Blipbr Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is Blipbr's version of Live Tracking.

In the event of a Movement Alarm or to locate a missing asset, Blipbr can be set into Recovery Mode which sends an instruction to your Blipbr to begin live tracking.  

When the Blipbr next connects, it will receive the Recovery Mode instruction and increase tracking frequency to the maximum that the remaining battery life will allow.

Note: Battery usage will increase dramatically so remaining battery life will be reduced.

How to activate Blipbr "Recovery Mode"

Log into the website or the App, select a Device, and then click the Recovery Mode "eye with a slash"  icon.

Once you click the icon you will be asked to confirm that you want live tracking to begin as shown below:


Note: It will take between 5 to 15 seconds for the instruction to be sent and for the " eye with a slash" icon  to change to an "eye" (without a slash).

The Blipbr will only begin reporting live once it has next connected and received the instruction.  This will be when the Blipbr next conducts a trip, or the Blipbr's next daily heartbeat.

How does "Intelligent Tracking" work?

Blipbr uses an internal movement sensor to sense when any movement occurs.

If Blipbr senses movement, it records a series of GPS locations and if it has moved sufficiently far enough (250m), it begins a trip, and sends a message to the App that a trip has begun.

The device icon (Map) and name (Devices list) will turn green to show that the device is on a trip.

During the trip, Blipbr will store a location waypoint every 2-5 minutes, and will upload the trip details at the end of the trip, or every 30 minutes during the trip, whichever comes first.

Blipbr Mini uploads Trip Start and End points only, and a waypoint every 15 minutes during a trip only in order to conserve battery power.

Blipbr will wait 5 minutes after the last movement to check that the trip has ended, and then end the trip (deducting the additional 5 minutes!)

The Quick History Slider can display the delivery path, this could also be shown by default if required.


What do the Green & White device colours mean?

The Blipbr App will show you which Blipbr devices are stationary and which are moving both on the Map and in the Devices list by changing the icon and device name colour:

White = Stationary 

Green = Moving (in trip)

How can I see speed and other information?

First select a Blipbr by clicking on the Device name in the Device list pane.

You can open the Device Info pane using the dark grey arrow on the left of the map screen.

You can also resize the Device info pane larger or smaller by dragging the arrow left and right once the pane is open.

What is "Quick History"?

The Blipbr App has a "Quick History" function that let's you quickly see the Blipbr's movements over the last 30 days.

First, select a Blipbr from the Device list and then click the "History" icon (clock with back arrow) at the top of the Device List pane.

The "Quick History" slider will appear.  Slide the top sliders to select the start and end time you wish to view (up to 24 hours) and the bottom slider to the date.

Then click "Show" and all movement for that period will be displayed on the map with direction arrows.

Tip! You can remove the trip that is displayed on the map by clicking the "Quick History" icon again, and then clicking "Cancel".

What Notifications can I set?

You can easily configure what Notifications you wish to receive by clicking the Menu icon (gear) at the top right corner of the App screen.

Standard Blipbr Notifications are:

Alert: Low Battery alarm

Alert: tamper Alarm (for Blipbr Max only)

Movement Alarm (use with the Movement Alert feature)

Trip Start

Trip Stop

Status unknown (for BYO devices not connected recently)

You can also set a time limit (in minutes) for limiting the number of notifications you receive within the set limit e.g. you may only want to receive a low battery notification every day, not for every Blip the Blipbr makes, so you would set this to 720 minutes (one day).

Is a SIM card and data included in the subscription?

Good question!

Yes, a cellular SIM card and all data is included.

The type of SIM card and network used will be applicable to your device (and or country).


Speak to us if you have unique requirements e.g. 2G only, or 3G or 4G CatM1, NB-IoT or even Sigfox, or LoRaWAN!

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